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Welcome to our web site, from David Beem!

LATEST News Flash Jun 28, 2007 Oregon Legislative session Ends! Beem Bill SB 766 did NOT pass and Oregon legislature passed a 2 yr budget, but NOT even $1 was designated (with on duty state nor contact staff for 24 hour- 7 a day week) for protecting special needs people FLEEING from DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, abuse, LIFE-THREATENING neglect, and homelessness on weekends, holidays, or after 5 pm on weekdays.

This means people like the Down Syndrome deaf mute BLIND mother with their baby abandoned by husband on Salem streets still have no where to go to be safe!

(Earlier)News Flash Jan 17, 2007 PLEASE READ and pass it on!
David Beem asks that all special needs people register to vote for the 2008 elections and before the presidential primaries. David Beem is making himself available for news interviews about the national needs of the special needs people.

In other news:

Recently a BLIND/DEAF/MUTE mother with her BABY were abandoned by her husband in our local streets! No government nor community agency would help her! Her only communication method was TOUCH sign languauge!

Would YOU be able to help this BLIND DEAF MUTE mother with her baby? If not Where WOULD YOU SEND them for help?????

Not even our local womens crisis center would help them!!!

What is that toll-FREE phone number that a BLIND-DEAF-MUTE mother (with baby) can call to find help and go to be safe? Where is that place we can to go to RE-start our lives when we do NOT know how to read write NOR how to count our own money?

With the Oregon State 2005-7 budget over $11 Billion, Oregon does NOT have even $1 available to help us special needs people (with severe disAbilities) fleeing domestic violence, abuse, life threatening neglect, and homelessness TO CALL AND GO AND BE SAFE.

Many of us special needs people were NEVER taught to READ, WRITE, COUNT NOR MANAGE OUR money!

__How are we to find help???

__Who will help us? Especially with LONG-TERM solutions?

__How do we tell someone we need help, withOUT becoming victimized again?

__Who would help you (a private citizen) as you help us??

If you know of a 24-hour consumer emergency crisis SOMEWHERE in our USA that helps us special needs people with such severe disAbilities in CRISIS, call us and let us know! We want to know where it is!!!!

David Beem and his assistants > 503-371-1924

We want to help special needs people with severe disAbilities FLEEING domestic violence, abuse, life-threatening neglect, and homelessness.

Through peer-to-peer mentoring and community help, we want to provide each person and family access to opportunities for help that is not currently available any where else!!

Senior community mentors can help provide context empowerment to change our lives!

For our David Beem proposed project and plans to succeed we need your help. We need more family/community involvement besides changes in various ways ( real life skills context empowerment, an understandable PICTORIAL/tactical visual with sound alternative education model, alternative extremely low cost housing, access to career development with community/business/peer-to-peer context empowerment mentoring to become job ready, development of aternative work situations and employment opportunities, acessible transportation alternatives etc).

These changes in federal/state/local laws should encourage more family, community and business involvement, by federal/state/local-government giving income/sales/real property tax CREDITS based on local faith-based and community organization documentation & certification of help provided. These tax credits would help cover the (the lower than government) costs to help to special need people . There would be a need multi-level consumer ongoing involvement in decision-making and for verification and accountability to help maintain honesty by all. The whole purpose would be to use the local involvement to build community networks of people who really want to help. Yet to kept opportunities, the tax credits would help cover documented out-of-pocket costs by businesses and homeowner for helping us special needs people with severe disAbilities. We know there is no way that the taxpayers are going to agree to huge increases in taxes to pay for providing us with new built extremely low cost housing, and business owner out of pocket costs opening new job opportunities.

We special needs population with disabilities want to become independent through SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-HELP to SELF-SUFFICIENCY to the maximum possible as inter-dependent independence.

For passing HB 2702
Please call Oregon
Gov. Ted Kulongoski
BEEM Special Needs
Emergency Crisis Center


Funding needed to start David Beem Centers
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Only your call
can help us!
Call us for info
on our plan.
Where would you find help for

a blind deaf mute mother

and baby abandoned by her husband?

Will you Help me, David Beem, and my team of advocates establish our proposed special needs Emergency Crisis Centers for those of us FLEEING domestic violence, abuse, life-threatening neglect, and homelessness. Recently a BLIND/DEAF/MUTE mother with her baby were abandoned by her husband in our Salem Oregon Streets! No government nor community agency would help her! We special needs families babies children women and men often have a combination of severe disAbilities, such as: learning disAbility, blindness, deafness, muteness, crippled, Down Syndrome, RETT Syndrome, acquired/traumatic brain injury, Autism, mental illness etc. with severities like deformity & Alzheimer’s Disease requiring referral to specialized care) NEED HELP!

We need and want to learn survival skills, basic and practical life skills, family and relational skills training;

We want to be able to read write and COUNT our own money

We want alternate work, job and business opportunities so we each can control our own lives and make our own decisions. WE ARE TRIED OF SLAVERY with NO pay!!

we want access to affordable alternative inexpensive housing

We want alternative voting methods to make sure we can VOTE SECRETLY.
Starting a new concept with survivors/x-patients/clients/consumers is never easy, but we now where we have been and what we what to be able to do!   You can help us spread the word and tell others what we are doing to help all of us nation wide in all 50 states!

We hope you will find the information you are looking for on this site. We look forward to working with you.
PROPOSED: National Demonstration project.

Beem 24Hr Crisis Centers Nation wide
P. O. Box 5098

Salem, Or 97304-0098

Phone for information. Beem Assistant




Monday - Friday 24 hours a day
Saturday- sunday 24 hours a day!
Help when you need it in a crisis!


We want education (how to find a good deal and bargains), Vocational training with practical work experience (not warehouses NOR dead-end  work) and respectful trainers, jobs with advancement potential, and to learn to operate our own businesses, housing, access to respectful medical care.
We want to be able to count our own $ change.
 We can do it ourselves!
Beem 24Hr Crisis Centers 
Nation wide
P. O. Box 5098
Salem, Or 97304-0098

Phone for information.
Beem Assistant

The below English site
has info about our needs.

The 7 Needs of Independent Living(Web pg problem)
Off-site link to England > Lothian Centre for Integrated Living
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Some of the volunteers helping Beem have come from a small faith-based social service outreach of:

A faith-based inter-faith social service ministry with help available to anyone in need of help regardless of their personal religious belief, or lack of creed,
by Joy, Faith, & Hope Church of God Through Christ (UNdenominational) Corporation
(MAILING address: 1115 Madison St Ne # 256 )
P.O. Box 5098
Salem, ORegon 97304-0098

Executive Director David Winters, 503-371-1924

All persons working or volunteering in Beem Advocacy neither gets paid wages nor salary nor receives any other financial benefits. No funds are available for re-imbursement of those volunteering their time. Often there are no funds available for even re-imbursing out-of-pockets volunteer expenses.